Experienced aquarists note that guppies have a clear "sexual dimorphism", i.e. they have a very easy to distinguish males from females. Indeed, "girls" and "boys" guppy is not similar in form or color or size.
визуальные отличия самки и самца карпа
Length of female guppies from 2.8 to 7 cm Is gray fish with a rounded belly and small fins. Females guppies immediately catches the eye with clear rhombic mesh scales.
расположение звезд на погонах фсо
The length of the male guppy is 1.5 to 4 cm of fine, thin fish with a special organ - gonopodia elongated anal fin). Unlike females, males guppies – bright, multi-colored, often with long colorful fins of different shapes. It is for the tail, you can determine the type of guppy. There are more than a dozen decorative forms and about ten types of painting. The combination of the type of "physique" and color is obtained over hundreds of combinations. Popular vienojoties guppies. Vienojoties guppies can be obraznymi (tail – like isosceles triangle) and angled (the angles of a triangle tail from 30 to 50 degrees). Also males guppies can be vualehvostki (skirted), liraglutide, blogohosting, lopatochnoyi, capehorny, iglokozhie and type "top sword" and "dual sword"
как отличить самку мулинезии от самца