You will need
  • the source of the fry;
  • aquarium with adult fish;
  • - a net for catching aquarium fish;
  • package for transportation of fish or other transparent and durable.
Finally came the long awaited moment of the resettlement babies guppies in a common aquarium. And, before the advent of the new fry, you can forget about the double work of cleaning your aquarium and accessories.
The time transplant occurs when disappears the probability of kids being eaten by adults. Usually fingerlings transplanted in 2-4 months after birth. Until that time, the fry live in a small aquarium-the hotbed. Separation of fry promotes not only the preservation of offspring, but also to strengthen health. After all, the fry no need to hide out and get away from other fish, thus saving energy. Thus the saved energy goes to the development and growth of fry.
The tank should have enough hiding places and plants, so the kids were able to hide from danger and to wait her. Fry can successfully hide in foliage of long-leaved plants. The lush vegetation is necessary not only to fry. The lush tail of males attracts the attention of other fish and they can easily bite him, leading to illness and even death of fish.
Fry guppies sensitive to the temperature change. Therefore, make sure that the temperature in the hotbed and General aquarium was the same. The optimum temperature for healthy growth of fry is the temperature of 22-24 °C, although they tolerate and increasing the temperature to 30°C. At temperatures above 26°C the fry grow faster.
Type in the special package for transportation of fish water from the nursery, gently catch special nets all fry guppies and dip the package into a common aquarium. After 10-15 minutes, when the fry will calm down, pour some water from the package and type the missing number from the aquarium. Repeat the procedure a couple of times, and then carefully submerge the bag into the water and flip it over, thus giving the fry to swim out of the bag in the aquarium.
Before the transplant can be added to the hotbed of water from the next tank for greater comfort during adaptation. Another factor for successful adaptation is finding the fry in a community tank with no other fish. Before transplanting it is possible to conduct a General cleaning of the future of the aquarium. Before settling for a few hours to run the fry guppies to the above scheme, reducing the number of doliani water to one or two times. This will allow them to adapt to an unfamiliar environment.