Advice 1: How to determine that the fish is pregnant

Breeding aquarium fishes, the process is quite time consuming, besides that fish needs to get the desired amount of feed, light and oxygen, it is necessary to determine the fact of pregnancy and not miss the birth of Malcolm, who might otherwise just eat.
How to determine that the fish is pregnant
Reproduction the fish, like any other animal, a very complex physiological process that is always accompanied by a number of features and which affects the environment, both natural and artificial.

Fish, which after fertilization is ready to breed, you often need to keep in very special conditions, but it is important to correctly determine whether the pregnant fish. Each breed of fish has its own characteristics, which are expressed as a change in color of females and increase in the abdomen.


Females of swordsmen ready to mate with 8 months, because at this age these fish ends with puberty.
If the female swordtail is pregnant, her belly appears a dark stain color, and the belly becomes rounded. Closer to leave the tummy increases and takes on a square shape.


Aquarium fish such as guppies, are also reportaway and very similar to swordtails, has the features of reproduction. To get pregnant female guppies do not need the constant presence of the male, this fish can some times throw the fry produced from one mating.

Understand that the fish is pregnant, it's quite easy: its sides and belly are significantly increased. As well as swordtails, guppies formed a dark spot behind, which increases in size towards the end. Thus, the only difference guppies is the repeated throwing of fry from one partner, and swordtails, fertilization occurs once, and the female immediately is deposited.


The species of fish are males, sexual maturity occurs at 4 months, a distinctive sign of pregnancy females become white spot, not dark like the other fish, and of course, rounded belly.

Feature females males is the process of birth: the male builds a nest from plants, and when the time comes they are with the female waits in the nest, then gently fall to its bottom, where the release of eggs. Then the male a few days protects the eggs from which the larvae hatch, and then it is deposited, as well as gave birth to a female.

Parrot fish

Bright and fun cutting-parrots are very popular today among fans of home aquariums. These fish reproduce poorly, so they need special treatment. For example, for mating the water in the aquarium, make warmer, and for throwing set the sink or the house-cover. Pregnancy fish is expressed by the usual signs - swollen belly and dark spot at tail, but still changing and behavior: the female is increasingly committed to the bottom and leaves from the light.

Advice 2: How to determine whether a dropped belly

Lower abdomenand is one of the most famous people's will that determines when labor begins. Most often, the child appears in two to four weeks after the moment when lower the abdomen. At 34 weeks, when it is still early, almost all pregnant women begin hard to consider your belly and actively talk with relatives and friends, dropped or not.
How to determine whether a dropped belly
The earliest harbinger of the notes the omission of the abdomen of the pregnant woman. Almost a month before giving birth, you will be able to detect that the stomach has dropped. Very often it happens suddenly, because the height of the uterine fundus, growing 1 cm per week (to 37 weeks it would be about 37-40 cm, if in the womb one child), and suddenly decreases at 2-3 cm for a few hours. For most pregnant it will not pass unnoticed: just feel better breathing, change the shape of the abdomen, which will be a gentle, sloping from the top.
According to pregnant, at first when the stomach is high, though the Cup and saucer to put it. And when the stomach falls, between the abdomen and chest can easily be placed the palm of his hand.
The belly drops due to the fact that the lower segment of the uterus becomes softer and stretches. As a result, the child descends, clinging tightly enough head to the bones of the pelvis. Thus, you can feel the appearance of pulling discomfort in the lower region of the abdomen, shooting pains in the legs and crotch. Pain arises because the baby with all his weight pushing on the nerves, ligaments and nerves.
There is a decrease in motor activity of the child. This would scare any pregnant woman. When the stomach has fallen, the child is pressed against the head to the bones of the pelvis, in the end, he ceases to turn, but can move arms and legs. Therefore, the reduction of perturbations, it is quite understandable and normal.
In this period, when a pregnant belly dropped, it more often begins to run "small" or " in the toilet, because increasing the pressure of the baby's head on the urethra.
Many pregnant women prolapse of the stomach becomes visible to the unaided eye. The belly of its previous round or oval shape becomes pear-shaped.

Advice 3: How to determine the sex of the guppies

Guppy – a small fish. They are very popular among aquarists because of its bright color and simplicity to the conditions of detention. To determine the gender of guppies is not difficult.
How to determine the sex of the guppies
You will need
  • -live aquarium fish;
  • -attention and logic.
Guppies – live-bearing aquarium fish, peaceful, unpretentious and very beautiful.Sorting guppy fry you can start with two weeks. This is best done after feeding. Within two weeks of age the female guppy on the abdomen near the anal fin becomes noticeable dark spot. However, not all of the species it manifests itself at one time, so the sorting is performed repeatedly. Light-colored rocks, a spot light, not dark, it has a silvery sheen. In males it is missing, the abdomen is of a uniform silvery sheen.
Female guppies are much larger than males, grow to about 5-6 and sometimes 7 cm body Length of males does not exceed 3-4 see the Difference in size is one of the main and most noticeable differences to determine the sex of the fish.
Female guppies are usually gray in color with a greenish or purple tint, the tail fin is small. The males are very beautiful, have bright, attractive color. Colored spots, strokes, patterns on their body are iridescent. The tail and fins are long, lush and, depending on the breed, have different shapes. With good feeding, the difference in color becomes noticeable in two months.
The male guppy has an elongated and laterally flattened body. The female body is also elongated with a flattened back. To determine the sex of fish on this basis is difficult, especially when you lack experience.
The anal fin of male and female guppies has a different structure. In females it is rounded. Males have elongated, pointed. Later, in two months, it starts to spin. Formed gonopodia. However, not all individuals with this symptom appears at the same time. Sometimes to confidently determine the gender is possible only in 3 – 4 months, due to the relatively often manifested hermaphroditism of fishes.

Advice 4: How to understand that guppies are pregnant

Guppy is a freshwater fish that belongs to the family Poeciliidae. It is considered to be fairly undemanding and popular of all aquarium fish. It should be noted that every breeder should have an idea on how to determine that a female guppy is pregnant. This knowledge will help in a timely manner to create certain conditions for females expecting offspring.
The definition of pregnant Guppies
Typically, the pregnant guppy is determined by the shape of its abdomen. The fact that females bearing offspring, has a round voluminous belly, which is just before birth gets a little rectangular shape. Sometimes gaps can be observed fry, and closer to labor guppies has a dark generic spot localized in the abdomen. Be aware that the shape of the head fish in this period begins to seem elegant due to the volume of the stomach. In addition, a pregnant female you'll be peaceful and calm behaviour.
Often, before throwing a fry guppies becomes dark rear part of the belly. In that case, if the tank has only fish of this family, and there are plenty of shelters in the form of rocks, driftwood and algae, the female can be not to transplant. However, when living in an aquarium with other fish, guppies, hatching offspring, mandatory for the period of throwing should be deposited, then run back. It is important to remember that the fry should be kept in a separate container.
Otsaila pregnant female, you need to consider that it is able to eat their fry. Thus, it is advisable to take care of the acquisition of the plants by which they can hide from the mother, temporarily located next to the offspring. The number of fry born to a female depends on her age. Young fish can breed up to ten pieces, while the old are able to draw a hundred fry. In order that the offspring had a beautiful color and has quickly evolved, they should be fed a variety of food three times a day.
Basically, the pregnant guppy has a duration of forty days. During the first weeks after birth, the larvae remain in otsadnik. Then they transplanted the larger capacity. Already in a month it is possible to notice distinctive features, allowing to determine the sex of fry. Females occurs generic spot near the anus. Males in the three month change of the so-called anal fin in gonopodia. Note that to prevent breeding guppies, the young offspring is advisable to promptly distribute by gender and include separate. In the winter it is necessary to observe the water temperature, which should reach eighteen degrees Celsius. Such actions not only help to avoid unnecessary spawning, but will also allow the female to rest from labor.
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