Advice 1: How to determine that the fish is pregnant

Breeding aquarium fishes, the process is quite time consuming, besides that fish needs to get the desired amount of feed, light and oxygen, it is necessary to determine the fact of pregnancy and not miss the birth of Malcolm, who might otherwise just eat.
How to determine that the fish is pregnant
Reproduction the fish, like any other animal, a very complex physiological process that is always accompanied by a number of features and which affects the environment, both natural and artificial.

Fish, which after fertilization is ready to breed, you often need to keep in very special conditions, but it is important to correctly determine whether the pregnant fish. Each breed of fish has its own characteristics, which are expressed as a change in color of females and increase in the abdomen.


Females of swordsmen ready to mate with 8 months, because at this age these fish ends with puberty.
If the female swordtail is pregnant, her belly appears a dark stain color, and the belly becomes rounded. Closer to leave the tummy increases and takes on a square shape.


Aquarium fish such as guppies, are also reportaway and very similar to swordtails, has the features of reproduction. To get pregnant female guppies do not need the constant presence of the male, this fish can some times throw the fry produced from one mating.

Understand that the fish is pregnant, it's quite easy: its sides and belly are significantly increased. As well as swordtails, guppies formed a dark spot behind, which increases in size towards the end. Thus, the only difference guppies is the repeated throwing of fry from one partner, and swordtails, fertilization occurs once, and the female immediately is deposited.


The species of fish are males, sexual maturity occurs at 4 months, a distinctive sign of pregnancy females become white spot, not dark like the other fish, and of course, rounded belly.

Feature females males is the process of birth: the male builds a nest from plants, and when the time comes they are with the female waits in the nest, then gently fall to its bottom, where the release of eggs. Then the male a few days protects the eggs from which the larvae hatch, and then it is deposited, as well as gave birth to a female.

Parrot fish

Bright and fun cutting-parrots are very popular today among fans of home aquariums. These fish reproduce poorly, so they need special treatment. For example, for mating the water in the aquarium, make warmer, and for throwing set the sink or the house-cover. Pregnancy fish is expressed by the usual signs - swollen belly and dark spot at tail, but still changing and behavior: the female is increasingly committed to the bottom and leaves from the light.

Advice 2 : How to determine pregnancy sword

Platypus is a small peaceful fish, decoration of any aquarium. This species of fish belong to the viviparous, so to determine whether the pregnant female swordquite easily.
How to determine pregnancy sword
Puberty the sword reaches to 6-8 months. If you bought a fry, be sure to ask the seller how many months the fry, and from the age of their puberty, keep a "diary of observations", in order to isolate the female from the tank in case, if you want to breed fish. But even if you made fish not to divorce, the female is still worth it to transplant before birth, as soon as she is too weak, and her and the fry can eat the other inhabitants of the aquarium.
Fertilization occurs inside the female and takes about 2 days, and the remaining sperm is stored in her body until, until you Mature new eggs. Pregnancy occurs within 4-6 weeks. Its duration is very much affected by water temperature (should be not below 20-25°C), photoperiod and feeding regime.
To determine whether pregnant female sword. it is possible to appear at her anal fin dark spot. During this period, her abdomen inflates and remains the same regardless of that she is hungry or full. Just before birth the female begins to look for secluded places in the aquarium or, on the contrary, rises to the surface. The abdomen is almost square.
If you notice that the fish is pregnant, immediately put it in a prepared aquarium, in which you must place as much vegetation as weakened immediately after birth the female will not mind "snack" their kids, and bushes will help them to avoid this.
Usually birth in females of the swordtail happen in the morning. In the litter up to 200 fry (the ratio of females and males is 3:1). After birth the female it is best to transplant. You should feed the fry as often as possible, including a diet high in protein.
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