You will need
  • Remote control, soldering iron, a set of replacement rubber products.
Remote control made of solid plastic, and the keyboard is made of soft but durable rubber. Rubber is a good elastic material. But over time the rubber can wear off. For a view of the transmission keyboard remote can be used from several times to tens of times. Multiply this value by the number of programs, advertisements or TV series, and then multiply by 365 days a year. In a year you'll have a pretty figure. So the keyboard so quickly erased.
Inside the console, under the keys channels, there is a small rubber products that have a round shape with a hole. If you replace these bands, the remote will live a new life. Also the problem may lurk in contamination of contacts, which are adjacent buttons on the keypad or in the rupture of some wires. To resolve the problem of "dirty contacts" you can use cotton wool soaked in alcohol or Cologne. To solve the "wire breakage" is to use a heated soldering iron. Just solder all the connecting wires that are not in place.
To replace the rubber circles, you need to disassemble bullets do. Moisten all the contacts with a wet wipes or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Stick a new set of rubber circles in place of the old circles, who for several years of service had deteriorated. After the Assembly panel in reverse order, test the remote.
In addition to the standard method of checking the operation of the control panel, you can use a digital camera. Move the focus to the output window of the signal of the remote control, press any button on the remote control. When operating the remote control on the camera's screen you should see a beam of ultraviolet light that is not visible to the human eye.