And suddenly not so bad?

Before you begin to rescue a broken panel, not the superfluous will check up, and suddenly the problem is solved quite simply.

The cause of the broken buttons can be set or detached from the sensors, the batteries standing in the way of remote and TV the subject, and maybe the button does not work due to trapped debris that can be removed without opening the case.

If these basic possible causes of failure are not related to the problem, it's time to take decisive action.

Method 1

Most often keys on the remote stop working due to accumulated grease and dirt. To avoid this, of course, need to enlist habits:

  • do not take the remote with dirty hands;
  • do not keep the remote for a long time in the hand;
  • don't keep the remote on the dining table.

Well, if it's caught, without opening not to manage.

First we need to remove the batteries. Using the screwdriver Unscrew all the screws that hold the tail gate panel. If the mount housing is fixed without the aid of additional devices, it is necessary to open with a blunt knife, pry up one of the doors. This should be done very carefully so the plastic is not cracked.

It is important to photograph all the contents of the expanded panel to simplify the final Assembly of the device.

The inner part of the panel consists of the printed circuit Board and the rubber keypad. Large areas of dirt are removed using an old toothbrush, fat is removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Collect the remote control it is possible only after complete drying. If you have any doubts about the location details – you can always check with the photograph taken previously.

Method 2

If hitting specific buttons and hygienic processing fee doesn't help, then maybe the problem is in the erased rubber cushion. To resolve this, before parsing you need to write the buttons that don't work, and only after that to open the device.

Under the broken buttons, you should install pillow from the small pieces of foil attached to paper glue. After Assembly of the disabled buttons should work.