You will need
  • thermometer;
  • - a towel.
Check for elevated temperature indirectly. For example, this can serve as a dry and hot nose of the animal. Normally it should be humidified as it cools the body. Exception is the situation when the cat wakes up after a long sleep. In this case you need to wait half an hour or an hour to the state of the nose returned to normal. If he stays hot, it should be wary and find out why.
как померить температуру у собаки
Measure the animal temperature. To do this, enlist someone to help - even a quiet animal can strongly resist the procedure. Wrap cat in a towel so that the lower part of the back and the tail was opened, and the feet fixed. Alternatively, you can trim claws with special scissors. Lift the pet's tail and, while your assistant holds it, enter it in the anus to the tip of the thermometer. Wait until it shows the desired data, it will take a few minutes. Be careful - even with fixed paws animal can hurt you, for example, to bite.
Какая нормальная температура тела у собаки
Analyze the information received. The normal temperature in cats ranges between 38 and 39 degrees. If it is above forty, it is a chance to go to the vet. This figure can be a symptom, e.g. inflammation. with the exception of animal breeds Sphynx and other hairless cats. Their natural body temperature is higher and is around 42 degrees. So should we be worried only if the thermometer will show more.
как измерить кошке температуру