You will need
  • A stopwatch or clock.
The traditional method of determining the temperature without a thermometer is to put a hand to his forehead or touch it with his lips. This method, of course, very approximate, gives results, but still determine a fever or not.
At high temperature, usually the feet and hands become cold, but in the groin area, elbow pits, at the base of the skull and in the pits under the knees increases the temperature. Putting a hand to one of these places, you can get a feel for it.
The increase in temperature is accompanied by fatigue and aching body. The patient can greatly blush cheeks and eyes Shine.
Moreover, the high temperature provokes a rapid pulse. So, in year old child in a horizontal position normal pulse is one hundred forty beats per minute, and an adult – eighty blows. With the increase in body temperature the pulse in a child may increase twenty beats per minute, and an adult – on eight hits.
To determine the temperature without a thermometer it is possible and the respiratory rate, which is calculated in a relaxed state. From waking adult respiratory rate is twenty breaths per minute (slowing down, sleeping up to twelve breaths). A year-old child commits thirty breaths per minute.
Against the background of increasing temperature is observed dehydration (excessive thirst, dry mouth, problems with urination). The presence of these signs can only talk about one thing - that the temperature is too increased.