You will need
  • Salt, activated carbon, onion, garlic, scented candles, essential oil, air purifier.
Restore the ventilation system. To do this, open the Windows and doors, provide fresh air. After some time you will not feel the smell of lacquer. If your house is air conditioned, on the contrary, close.
Pour into dish table salt and place in the room. Or prepare a saline solution. In a bowl pour water and dissolve a small amount of salt. Try to periodically change the solution new. Also note, the more water surface area, the faster it eliminated the odor. Can also use activated charcoal. It has good adsorbent properties.
Dampen a sheet or towel in clean water, wring out and hang around the apartment. As you know, damp cloth effectively absorbs unpleasant odors. When the sheet dries, rinse it in running water and repeat the procedure again.
Grate the garlic or onion. Put the resulting puree into a small container and leave overnight in the room where you want to get rid of the smell of varnish.
Light a few scented or normal candles. To protect the candle from the wind, and your assets from possible fire, use a special lamp. Good effect is given aromatic pouches filled with herbs. Put them in a room and after a few hours the smell will be gone.
Apply a cold incandescent light bulb a few drops of perfume or essential oil. As they heat the flavor will spread throughout the room, interrupting the smell of varnish.
Use an air purifier. Turn on the appliance and leave the room. After a couple of hours the smell of varnish should be gone. But if the first time you failed to achieve the desired result, repeat the procedure. To determine the exact time it is possible only experimentally. To eliminate the smell of one can take 1 hour, others a day.