Type small water containers. It can be pans or pots. 2-3 pieces is enough for a room of about 15-20 square meters. Place them around the room in different places. Every day once a day you must change the water in the tanks.
Take small plates or jars, as a rule, enough 2 pieces, and sprinkle them with salt. Place near the spot from which the odor of. Salt can be changed every day, and you can leave the old, of course, it will lose the shock absorbing properties, but the smell hold no longer.
Take the beans and place them on the paper directly next to the waxed places. Coffee beans not need to change enough time in the day to turn them.
Ventilate for three days after application of the varnish room. If the oil treatment was carried out in the summer, Windows are left open all day, if more cold season, it is advisable to ventilate as often as possible. You do not need to do drafts, you must close the door of the room and open directly the window or the window located in this room. This must be done in order that the smell couldn't spread throughout the apartment. Take two days later airing some black and white conventional Newspapers, preferably old. Roll the coil and ignite.
Get rid of the paper after ignition so that it continued to smolder and smoke. Complete with smoldering Newspapers around the perimeter of the room, stopping for a few minutes directly at the site of application of varnish, and then put out a newspaper, dropping it in the water, and throw it into the trash can.Leave a smoke-filled room closed for 15-20 minutes, and then air. Be sure to observe fire safety rules, do not use this method in areas where he worked with varnishes.