You will need
  • -bucket;
  • water;
  • coffee;
  • -vanilla extract or peppermint oil;
  • -charcoal;
  • -onions;
  • -candles;
  • -sheets or towels;
  • soda;
  • -lemon;
  • -ozonizer or ionizer.
The most common recommendation is airing. Of course, you can open wide all the Windows in the room, but in this method there is a disadvantage - finally the smell will disappear in just a few days, and before that with this "flavor" will have to put up with. However, it is possible somewhere to move.
You can arrange the room a lot of buckets with clean water. After some time the water will absorb the toxic fumes and odors. However, the process is long and the water will need from time to time to change.
Paint fumes can kill the smell of coffee. Make a couple of cups of this drink and place them around the apartment. But! Harmful evaporation with this will remain in the room. Coffee just helps to live where carried out painting work.
Purchase at the pharmacy, vanilla extract or peppermint oil and mix a few drops in a bowl of water. Another option is to soak their cotton pads and put it near painted surfaces.
Good absorbent - charcoal. Place pieces of charcoal in a container and place in the room.
Next tip - use the bow. Need to clean and cut into several pieces a couple of large onions and arrange them around the apartment. From time-to-time change the bulbs to the new one.
Use candles to combat the smell of paint. Light them and leave to burn for a few hours. Better not to use the scented and plain candles.
Soak some sheets in cold water and hang around the room. However, in this case, you need to often rinse the fabric in water and hang again. For sheets you can use large towels.
Baking soda can help to remove the smell of paint soaked into the carpet. Scatter a thin layer of baking soda over the carpet and leave overnight and in the morning, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
Use lemon to combat odor. Cut it into thin slices and lay around the apartment. After a couple of days they need to be thrown.