You will need
  • vinegar, vanilla, lemon, coffee, milk, gloves, mask, empty cups.
In order to get rid of unpleasant smell of old furniture, you need to prepare a few things. This list also applies to vinegar, vanilla, lemon, ground coffee and milk. Should also bring gloves, a mask and an empty Cup.
So, you began to notice that favorite piece of furniture begins to exude an unpleasant odor. You don't need to carry a wardrobe or Desk in the trash. Enough to dissolve the vinegar in water and RUB the liquid all parts of your favourite furniture. Draw your attention to the fact that this should be done both inside and outside. Do not forget about the safety equipment (gloves and protective mask). Vinegar will not only help to rid of the odor but will also disinfect the wood.
After you finish with vinegar, you need to dry the furniture. For this purpose it is not necessary to close the Cabinet doors or drawers of the Desk. Immediately, we note that this procedure will not help you to get rid of unpleasant smell. To complete this battle victory will help you a vanilla sugar, which is enough to pour onto the horizontal surface of the furniture. Returning to this piece of furniture a few days, you will feel pleasant fragrance coming from the wood.
It is possible that many do not like the smell of vanilla. In this case, the ingredient can be exchanged for ground coffee, a Cup of milk, slices of lemon or even ordinary flavored salt, which is used for bathing.
However, ensure that all the products were fresh, otherwise you only make matters worse.
Each of these actions is enough to permanently get rid of the unpleasant smell. If you want to keep freshness in your old closet, you can put a piece of soap.