Soak nails in cold water for several minutes. Hand wipe is not necessary, let them dry naturally. Then smear them with cream. Use cold water immediately after the application of varnish.
You can dry nails with a hair dryer. You need to enable the cold air (if the dryer has such a mode), hot can ruin the look of the varnish. But it should be done carefully so as not to not tear the dried lacquer from the surface of the nail.
The stores sold a special coating that when applied to the nail contributes to the rapid drying of the varnish. Apply it on top of the lacquer, it will accelerate the drying process.
Only use fresh, Polish for nail art. Dry old, and even more so with expired nail Polish is hard and sometimes not at all realistic.
Lacquer will dry faster if it is put for an hour in refrigerator and then apply on nails. The nail plate before applying nail Polish, degrease, and even better slightly sanded with a nail file with a fine spray.