So, you bought new furniture in the apartment. Of course, the eyes and the soul rejoice, because the interior became more beautiful, original and stylish. In most cases, people buy furniture made of particleboard, and this material has a very specific smell. So many suffer from it. Not to mention the fact that laminate furniture can contain formaldehyde, which negatively affect health and wellbeing.
In order to eliminate the smell of new furniture, but to avoid exposure to any cleaning product on its surface, purchase a special ozonator. This unit will clean the air in the apartment is not only unpleasant odors, but also from harmful impurities. Unfortunately, few people can afford this device, because the cost of the ozonator is quite high. But do not despair, because there are easier options.
In particular, to get rid of smell, you can use a variety of substances. So, for example, put in different places of the apartment bags of table salt, flavored tea etc. For these purposes, take a simple black or green tea. In most cases, these tools are laid out on shelves, in cabinets, in the corners of the tables. After a couple of days you will notice that the smell of new furniture has virtually disappeared. Do not forget from time to time to change the bags on a new.
You should pay your attention to the fact that new furniture should not smell musty.
This means that the stock upholstery sofa or chair wet. Of course, after some time, this unpleasant odor will wear off. However, you may get the furniture with a twisted frame. So, don't wait a month or two - just call the seller and replace this part of the interior of the new. The same goes for too strong odor from furniture made of chipboard. If none of your actions have not helped to cope with them, means in the surface of the Cabinet or bedside tables contains too many chemicals.