But if the repair is finished and you can't breathe from chemical attack, it is possible to try to get rid of odors in several ways.
The first and best way is airing. If possible, open all Windows and doors and leave it that way for quite a long time.
Also to the smell of paint vanished quickly, you can put in indoor tanks with salt water. After two or three days, everything should have cleared.
Spend in the apartment wet cleaning with the use of vinegar. Add a teaspoon of vinegar in water and RUB this solution all the surfaces in the house.
Hang the rooms with wet towels and sheets – they will absorb all the smell. It is better to use for this purpose unnecessary things, becauseafterdstii you have to throw them away.
Very well absorbs different odors activated carbon. Put these pills in any container, and scatter them in different parts of the room.
Also in this case, you will help the mint leaves. Mix the leaves of this plant in cold water and arrange the room around the perimeter.
To eliminate odors you can use and various industrial tools that are sold in abundance in shops. These sophomorically usually come in the form of aerosols.
Will help get rid of the smell of the paint freshly ground coffee or coffee beans. Pour the coffee into the saucers and place them around the room – the coffee aroma will quickly fill your room.