After finishing the painting works carefully ventilate the room. Keep the Windows open all day and night. If possible, of course.
Slice or grate a few cloves of garlic or onion, put them in saucers and leave them in the room, where he was painting.
Use salt, which absorbs odors. Put in several containers with a bit of salt and place them in the room, smelling of fresh paint.
Try using a saline solution. Place in a room where people were painting the pots with salt water. Don't forget to change the water.
Wet towels, sheets, rags and hang them in the room where the smell of paint. Damp cloth perfectly absorbs odors. Often rinse your sheets, towels and rags, and then re-hung them.
Wash all furniture, walls, floors and Windows in the room with water, which added a little mustard. Instead of mustard you can use vinegar or ammonia.
In the room, where he was painting, light and leave to burn out a few ordinary candles, paraffin or wax. You can even use tea. Of course, to leave candles unattended not worth it. To avoid fire.
Use natural ground coffee. Lay it on the saucer, and the saucer put in the room where people were painting. Pleasant aroma of ground coffee will replace the unpleasant smell of paint.
Get an ionizer or humidifier. These devices not only serve to the removal of unpleasant odors from the home, but stand on guard of your health and a favorable atmosphere in the house.