You will need
  • -the desiccant;
  • construction Hairdryer;
  • -infrared heater.
This problem in front of you will not even if you replace long drying oil alkyd paint. A good quality enamel dries in a few hours, maximum a day and a half. When purchasing paint, please note that it says on the tin: there is information about its drying time. Although, of course, the manufacturer indicates this time without humidity correction and temperature.
If you decide to use oil paint, purchase and desiccant – catalyst for the oxidative polymerization. This composition added to the paint specifically so that it quickly dried up.
It is not necessary to paint the cold surface at low temperatures. The paint in these conditions, thickens faster, bad apply and longer to dry. Before application warm the room.
The paint would dry faster, apply a thin layer with a roller or brush. If it turns out that the paint shines through the surface, the next day repeat the procedure.
To the oxidation process of the oil film were faster, provide fresh air into the room. Well, if he's going to circulate, so you can turn the fan on or to organize a draft.
Paint dries faster at elevated temperatures and reduced humidity. For oil paint high temperature even recommended as a coating, dried at room temperature, has a low hardness and water resistance, is rapidly destroyed under the influence of alkalis.
Try to use for drying paint heat gun. It has a special mode for this. About conditions you can read in the passport of the device. But to drastically change the temperature of the air or too to bring the dryer to the painted place in any case should not be, otherwise the paint can crack.
If you painted and want to dry small items, you can try to put the battery of Central heating or even dry in the oven at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees.
The heater, which is based on infrared radiation, is also great for solving your problem, because the infrared rays freely penetrate through the layer of paint. And thus, it heats up from the inside. The solvent, which is in its composition from the inner layer passes into the exterior, the paint spreads on the surface and dries faster.