Despite the similarity with light, microwave radiation differs somewhat more penetrating. It is able to pass through objects opaque to visible light, provided that they do not conduct electricity. On the other hand, due to the large wavelength, a conventional metallic mesh netting, check only a small part of visible light, can be microwave waves almost insurmountable obstacle. This applies to the metal rods in reinforced concrete. If you are in a concrete house, and especially in a construction trailer, trimmed with solid sheet metal, move the modem to the window, and the reception is much better. If the modem is connected to PC directly, use a USB extension cord, but not always, and meet the requirements of USB 2.0 standard, otherwise the data transfer rate will be somewhat less.
Microwave radiation may also be delayed and even penetrates such large objects as the neighboring house. Reflection is able to create a so-called interference pattern, consisting of local minima and maxima of the signal. To find the maximum, use a USB extension cable. Because the signal strength indicator responds to changes in the terms of reception with some delay, move the modem around the room slowly, both horizontally and vertically. Sooner or later you'll find a place where signal is significant. Please note that since the human body has an electrical conductivity, moving around the room people are able to change the shape of the interference pattern.
If the reception quality is changed suddenly, and dramatically, take the time to go to the kitchen and see what happens from there. Maybe the reception is worsening during those periods when the microwave oven is in use. It works in close area of the range, but with much more power, and if it affects the WiMaxmodem (and the usual Wi-Fi devices), it means that there is leakage radiation. It is dangerous to health and this oven would be subject to immediate repair in the workshop.
Than is longer-wavelength electromagnetic radiation, the more rough the surface is suitable for focusing. That is why a satellite dish is not polished to a mirror Shine. For Yota modem, it is also possible to manufacture the likeness of a parabolic antenna by placing it in the focus of the usual metal basin. Just send her will not to a satellite and to a base station after learning exactly where the last.