Connecting the USB modem via a special cable

Probably the owners of USB modems heard that they can increase the speed of the network through a special cable based on twisted pair or a special hub. Yes, of course. To speed up a USB modem is enough to buy a simple USB extension cable that one end connects to the computer and the other is set directly in the modem itself. Why this cable increases the speed? The matter is not that in itself, but the fact that the user can place the USB modem in the place where you can catch a good signal, and the user can be located at a convenient location.

Possible problems and their solution

Unfortunately, this aspect there is another side of the coin. Quite often users that connect your USB device cable to experience difficulties at work. This is due to the huge number of different factors. For example, as you know, any cable is an electrical or electronic circuit with distributed parameters. Of course, he also has and active linear and wave resistance. The result is that the longer the cable uses a person to work with a USB modem, the more the signal will be distributed directly by cable. As a result, until the user reaches only a certain part of the signal, not the entire potential. That's why you want to use only high quality shielded cables, whose length does not exceed 3 meters (preferably even less).

In addition, a problem with the USB modem when working with the cable can occur due to the fact that the cable itself may be damaged or broken inside or outside. In order to determine that you want to watch all the cable for different fractures. If externally it looks more or less normal, then, most likely the problem is inside the cable (e.g., cable wire can be oxidized or wire inside it may be broken). You can connect another device with USB input and if the computer will find it, then we can safely say that with the cable all right, but the problem lies elsewhere. If the device still does not appear, then connect the other cable and check the connection on it. If the problem is still not resolved, then you should install the USB modem directly to the computer and check to see if a network. If not, then the problem is in the device and it needs to change.