Disassemble the housing. To do this, Unscrew the small screws located at the ends of the housing of the modem, then remove the plastic plugs on the center aluminum part of the case and remove the Board with the USB connector. This fee is between two parts of a large stub. And in order to disassemble the cover, remove the small screw that is screwed into a recess in the end face of the stub.
Try the modem and a USB extension cable. After you remove the Board, the stub will exempt two openings, one of which goes under the led, and the second serves for fixing a USB cable. Since the diameter of the hole for the led is slightly smaller than the diameter of wire in our USB extension cable, wire locks perfectly in it and will not pereginets. Connect the USB extension cable to the modem and gather together with him on the open halves of the plug.
Shorten the "tail conversion" of the modem so that connector tail peeking outside of a small stub. After you shorten the tail, mark the location for holes on the connector tail of the cap and drill the hole. When you drilled, increase the drill diameter gradually: first 4 mm after 5, 8 and 9 mm.
The diameter of the contact tail is greater than 9 mm, and the connector did not dangle freely, drill a hole with a drill of 10 mm and after lock it with the nut. There is another option: treat the hole after you drill a 9 mm needle files, take a similar connector and plastic they cut the thread, thus expelling the connector back and forth a few times. The second option is desirable, as the nut will take over part of the length of the connector.
Screw into place, all the mounting screws.