You will need
  • the metal wire, a soldering iron.
To strengthen signal wifi there are several proven methods. Some of them require the purchase of additional equipment, other technical intervention to the individual parts of the device.
Let's look at an example of the gain of signal Wi-Fi router, changing the antenna. You can just buy a similar device in another format. If you study the structure of the router, you'll see that the antenna is mounted to the device through the threaded sleeve, i.e. to replace it is not difficult.
If it is necessary to significantly increase the range of the signal, you'll have to redo the existing antenna. Detach the upper part from the insulating layer. Solder to the exposed part of the antenna metal wire. The other end pull out into the open.
If that was not enough, then solder the loose end of the wire to indoor TV antenna, pre-disabling the latter from other devices.
If you want to significantly expand the coverage area of a Wi-Fi network, then you can buy a second router and an additional network cable to the desired length.
Connect both Wi-Fi router by network cable. One end connect to the LAN port of the device that you have installed, and the other to the Internet port (WAN) of the second equipment.
Open the settings of the second router and create a wireless access point with settings similar to the first network. In the settings of the network connection to the Internet, select the transfer type signal WAN.
Be sure to enable DHCP in the LAN settings of the first Wi-Fi router. If you did everything correctly, the laptops connected to either of the two wireless access points will gain access to the Internet.