All antennas can vary in power and type. Thus, when staying outside of town, close to town or in the apartment, suitable antenna panel type. It does not interfere with development of the city and tall buildings – it easily amplifies the signal and is not prone to interference. If the house has special design and it suppresses the signal, the panel antenna will also be very useful in this situation. Net-reflector antenna will be useful for the city, but near the most coverage. A parabolic antenna will help those who need a long-range signal, as they can overcome obstacles at a distance of about 9 kilometers from the main coverage area.
To connect the antenna Yota, first, it is necessary to determine the distance from the router to the installation location of the antenna. This will help to prevent the decrease in signal as this helps to determine the necessary cable length and number of adapters for installation of the antenna. In General, it can be estimated that deterioration of the signal at the connector will be 1.5 dB, and on every meter of the cable of 0.5 dB. Therefore, the smaller the length and the load the adapter will provide the best signal.For example, for antenna Yota with the characteristic gain of 12 dB and a cable length of five feet requires a special adapter to the modem, and the result is the gain of the signal is only 3 dB.
To avoid this falling of the signal, you can select the antenna Yota with integrated modem. Then the amplification will be carried out without interference, and will also be much easier to install such antenna.
There is a very easy way to boost the signal Yota. First of all, you will need to invest in an extension cord for USB. After that you need to find a spot with the best reception signal, for example, by the window. After that, connect the external antenna to the modem. There will a specialized adapter called a "pig tail". Need to open the USB connector of the modem by sliding the rear cap to the USB connector to remove it. Next, connect the left connector to the adaptor (this connector first) and fix the connection completely. If the modem has a N-connector, with the modem you can use all versions of the Yota antennas and connect them in any way.