How to strengthen your Wi-Fisignal1. Reduce the number of walls and ceilings between the source signaland the device receiver. To do this, in large organizations install Wi-Fi transmitter in the hallway between the offices.2. Select a source device so that the angle of propagation of the signaland relative to the barriers was equal to 90 degrees.3. Eliminate all sources of radio interference as system on the computer monitor, microwave oven).4. Replace the antenna in the source Wi-Fisignaland more powerful. To do this, simply Unscrew the old antenna and insert in its socket the one that will provide the proper level signal.5. Solder the mounting location for the antenna on the PCB the wire. The other end fasten to the bars-"the dryer" conventional television antenna with amplifier. The cable wires should have a resistance of 50 Ohms.
How to strengthen signal YotaИсползуйте more powerful WiMAX antenna. This should increase the level of the signal. The choice of antennas to date is great. For example, you can use a special parabolic antenna 30 dbi. A parabolic antenna will allow to receive and bring the signal in any plane relative to the horizon.Amplification signaland the Yota is necessary if the connection speed you n satisfied, if you are at a considerable distance from the source of the signaland, for example, in the country, if your router cannot establish a connection.In addition, as in the case of Wi-Fi-router, try to solder a new antenna, including satellite.
How to increase 3GsignalTo increase the 3Gsignal on their own, you need to have:a) external antenna, for example, satellite or television;b) an internal antenna of small size (it will become an adapter for the 3G modem);C) coaxial cable impedance of 50 Ohms.Basic steps:1. Install an external antenna outside the window of the house.2. Connect the cable to the external antenna and the internal antenna.3. Attach 3G modem to the internal antenna in any way.In addition, to enhance the signal 3G modem you can, endure it, for example, a window with a long USB cable.