You will need
  • computer;
  • modem;
  • phone with 3G function.
In order to increase the 3G signal on the modem, set it so that it does not interfere with foreign objects. If you have a home desktop computer, use the USB ports on the front or side it the wall, if any model of the enclosure, or just use a special extension cord for USB devices.
Pay special attention to the condition of the cable because if it is damaged or made from substandard materials, it is possible that he will also be the cause of the deterioration level of the signal.
Make sure that the receipt of the signal on the modem do not interfere with additional wireless devices connected to your computer. If you use a wireless mouse, keyboard, monitor, you have an active Bluetooth connection and so on, make sure that the adapter and the modem were not in adjacent USB ports, as they can interfere with the acceptance signal. This applies especially to users of notebooks and netbooks; laptop computers less possible to position these devices in different directions, due to the fact that the number of ports is less. Here also it is best to use a special extension cable.
If you are out and you are not satisfied with the quality of your 3G signal, change your location to one that is closer to the operator station. Also note that the quality of communication is much worse in the basement. If it is possible to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, locate a site with access point, in case when your modem takes the bad signal.
Make sure that the low data transfer rate depends in this case on the quality of communication. To do this, check your modem on another device or simply check the connection speed to the Internet this operator on your phone, if you have the option to connect it via data transfer technology 3G.