Appeared on the market, Ankers, which can withstand heavy loads and have a wide range of their application. The Foundation anchor is a thin walled metal sleeve which has longitudinal slits. It screwed the screw (bolt) and pull the metal cone-shaped tube-nut. In the end, the cartridge case firmly "koritsa" inside the wall, and bolt the desired object presses to the base. Use anchors to secure heavy structures, weighing more than 100 kg. In the home anchors are used for mounting door and window frames, installation of chandeliers, installation of the suspended ceiling.Anchor can be installed only manually. To do this, first drill a hole to install the metal sheath from the anchor, and then it will thread the stud.
From the wall anchor to pull harder. So before setting an anchor, consider if you need it in this place. In most cases, the anchors have to pull the "meat" and then putty the hole.
Remove the nut, punch the pin out of the cage away, so that she clip not bursting, and try to clip something to extract. If it works, then it will go to the pin itself.
Ridge ream the connecting bolt-nut, if there is a stock bolt emboss inside, pull the clip with the nut and the bolt.
Drill out the hole in the bolt, form tapping, screw the other bolt and it skontrolujte. Holding it, try to turn on the main bolt nut with clip. When will fix the other bolt, remove the locknut and Unscrew. Cut off grinder outer nut secure the rod inside, then the "platypus" crumple and pull out the sleeve and then remove the rod with a "Bulba". Cut from the end edges of the nut on the right and left to carving, and the remains of the nuts should be easy to rebound.
Hammer the pin back in the clip to the max, around the anchor break the concrete to a depth of 1 cm, and then pull out the anchor with pliers.
If the anchor metal is weak, then try to drill. But in any case, after removal of the anchor section of the wall or ceiling will need plastering.