Advice 1: How to find root folder

Often the instructions in the description file activity refers to the "root folder" where you have to find something to remove or place. To open this same folder, we need to understand what's in this manual should be considered the root directory. Depending on the answer to this question and the available tools, ways of opening can be different.
How to find root folder
Define what is meant by a root folder in your specific context. In the General case, the root directory can be considered the one which is placed inside all the other subdirectories, i.e. located on the top level of the folder hierarchy. For example, the root directory of the C drive in Windows will be a folder with the address of the "From:". But if it is, for example, the game installed in a folder called WoW, which is inside the games folder on the C drive of your computer, the root folder of the game will be a directory address:gamesWoW.Likewise will vary and ' root folders, depending on whether it is on the root directory of your web server or your account on it, or one of your sites on that account.
Start Windows Explorer if you want to open the root folder, located on one of the drives on your computer, the connected external media or resources on the local network. This can be done by pressing the key combination WIN + E or double-clicking on the icon "My computer" on the desktop.To open the root folder you can, consistently revealing the directory tree in the left pane of file Explorer. If we are talking about any of the disks, then clicking the appropriate icon in the left pane, you will perform the task of opening the root directory. But if you are aware of the address of the folder, instead of moving around the directory hierarchy, can print it (or copy and paste) directly in the Windows Explorer address bar and press Enter.
Start the FTP client or the file Manager of the hosting provider, if you need to open the root folder of your account on the server. In FTP-client you need to connect to the FTP server using the address, username and password, which provides you the host. But if you have used the file Manager, it means that you are already logged in and connected to the FTP server through the web interface of this program. To go in the root folder of your account, navigate up one level, while this is possible. Server settings will not allow you to rise above the root directory of the account, so the last of the available folders will be root.If you use any of the public management system website (e.g. home page), then opening file Manager leads into the topmost in the hierarchy available on your site folder. This is his root directory.

Advice 2: Where is the root directory of the website

If you yourself are engaged in the creation and promotion of your site, but not too well-versed in technical details and terminology, you likely had to deal with the need to find the root directory of the website.
Where is the root directory of the website

What is the root directory or root folder of the website

Root directory the root directory or even the root of the site called the main section of any web resource. It stores all the folders and files that you upload to the server, there are also official documents.
The section name may be different depending on the provider whose services you use and the configuration of the server.

What to look for the root directory

It is in the root directory of the site are such important files like Sitemaps and robots.txt. This service files designed specifically for search engine robots.

Sitemap – is a kind of site map for robots. It contains information about the frequency of updates of website pages, their locations, their importance relative to each other and so on. This is a hint for scanners, which facilitates their work and provides proper indexing of pages.
Please note that the Sitemap you have to add yourself, but a file robots.txt in the root directory probably already exists. You can replace it on your own.

File robots.txt contains directives for search engines, which tells what pages to index and which not. You can include instructions for specific robots of certain search engines (e.g. Yandex or just for Google).

Thus, if you seriously intend to promote your site in search networks to search for these files and edit them you just need.

Many novice webmasters first encounter with the concept of the root directory, trying to register in Yandex.Webmaster. In order to confirm their right to control a website, you need to make the html code page or to load a specific file in the root directory of the website. That was then, and have to wrestle with is: where is this mysterious directory?

How to find the root directory

In order to find the root of the site, you should not go to the control panel, panel hosting, hosting your web resource.
Most often a directory called www, domains, HTDOCS, /public_html. So, hosting "Gino" is the folder called domains.

In the blog on WordPress the root folder contains the sections of wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes. Seeing topics with the same name, you may well be firmly assured that you are in the correct directory.

Advice 3: How to go to the root directory

The root directory is the main folder of the drive, which contains all the information. To enable it, click with the mouse on the desktop button "start" and "My computer". In the opened window click the desired drive - the result will be a hit in its root directory (folder). If the window is open the folder with the buttons window exit, repeating the process until you reach the root directory. Go to the root directory convenient to make from the shell of Total Commander.
How to go to the root directory
You will need
  • computer with Windows XP operating system and shell Total Commander.
Go to the root directory in window operating system Windows HRW menu "start", find "My computer" and click on it with the mouse. In the opened window, in the list of disks, click the disk - the result will be an entry in the root directory of the selected disk (this is the directorythat contains all the information that is on the disc). In the address bar will show "Disk:". For example, if you go to the disk, the label will be of the form "From:".
In the root directoryof the e drive contains the files and folders by clicking on the desired folder, go to it. In the address bar will show "Disk:folder name". For example, if you go to the Temp folder, in the specified row will be displayed:Temp. In the public folder you can go into another folder and so on. In the address bar, then shows the folder where the file was accessed "Drive:папка1папка2папка3.....".
To get back to the root directory, find it in the top of the window button "Up". Clicking on it, consistently come out of each directoryand, as long as the address bar again appears "Disk:". To quickly jump to the root directory of the disk in the top of the window click "Folders". The right side will appear a folder tree that reflects the structure of the subfolders. Click on relevant drive, and immediately go into its root directory. In other versions of Windows use the same technique.
Go to the root directory in the shell Total CommanderЕсли in the shell Total Commander is open an arbitrary folder, pay attention to the top of the window, which reflects its contents. If there are two dots, click on them with the mouse in and out to level up. Continue this action until the MEAs long as the top does not prove these points - this will be the root directory, than make sure that you saw at the top of the window that says "Drive:".
Jump to the root directory of the current (open) disk produced by pressing Ctrl+.

Advice 4: How to find the root of the site

The root folder of a site is the topmost in its hierarchy directory, which is nested in the other directories. Usually, when talking about the root folder, do not mean her http address displayed in the address bar of the browser, and the full path from the root directory of the server where the website is hosted. To get to this folder easily enough, if you have access to her administration.
How to find the root of the site
If you administer a web resource uses the content management system, open root folder, you can use the built-in file Manager of this system. As a rule, it is enough to go to the Manager page file - by default, most of them opens the directory tree of the website in the root directory. To make sure that in your system it so, try to go to the parent folder of the directory hierarchy scripts sites will not allow the site administrator to rise above the root directory, as this requires a higher level of access.
If you are using to access the site files are installed in the computer program - FTP-client - the principle of action in determining the root folder will be the same. After a connection is established with the server try in a directory tree to climb one level above the open folder by default. If this do not work (the request is sent, but the active directory will remain the same), so this is the root folder of the website. The server scripts determine it automatically by reading the address from the database and is entered during login the login and password of the user.
It is often necessary to know the full path to the root folder of the website when you run server-side scripts - for example, for them to work correctly at startup on schedule (crontab). Most often as the language of writing such a php script, which retrieve the full path to the root directory of the site from variable, placed in the superglobal $_SERVER. To select in this array use the index of the DOCUMENT_ROOT. For example, display the path to the root folder of the website in a blank page when run in the browser be saved to the server php script:

<?php echo $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] ?>
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