You will need
  • file, chisel, pliers
The difficulty in the removal of rivets lies in the fact that you have to be extremely cautious and careful not to damage the surface from which you removed it. Rivets are made of different materials with different properties and different strength. Therefore, choose a method of removal in the first place, depending on the material.
Probably time to work you'll need quite a lot, so have some patience and the necessary tools. Tool prepare, file, chisel, pliers, maybe even a drill with a thin drill. In short, take almost the entire range of tools, because any of these tools you may need.
If you remove the rivet with a metal or similar surface, first use a file. This will be possible if the head of your rivet is above the surface that it connects. If the file did not give the expected results, use the chisel. But be careful, try as little as possible to scratch the surface and do not damage their fingers.
Since rivets are not only made from different materials, but also there are different types, the approach to the removal of different types will also be different. So, if the head is not directly above the surface, for connections which it serves, and has a countersunk head instead of a file and chisel use the drill.
The drill should be thin, but it is necessary to choose the diameter. First carefully drilled countersunk head rivet, and then pick up a rod or a similar tool, but it definitely fit the diameter, and try to dislodge the head.
Once you handled the head carefully with pliers, bend the prongs and pull rod of the rivet. The edge of the hole that is left after the rivet process the respective material way.
If the rivet need to be removed from the leather, everything will be harder, if you care as little as possible to damage the surface material. In this case will only fit the pliers. Gently squeeze the head in several places, and then try to undermine it.
If possible, gently fold the prongs of the rivet and pull the stem. If the rivet does not give in, pulling with pliers her head up a bit from the material, sawed it to a file. And then act according to the same scheme.