You will need
  • - the screw;
  • corkscrew;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - awl;
  • - claw hammer;
  • - hammer;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - punch;
  • - angle grinder ("grinder").
For dismantling the usual plastic anchors in the simplest case, use a screw of appropriate size. Screw the screw in the dowel by about two-thirds that the screw is securely connected with the removable part. Then hook the screw head with pliers and pull it out with a dowel. In some cases, the function of the screw will be able to perform a butter spin.
If normal pliers don't help, pry the cap screwed into the dowel screw with a claw hammer. A lever allows you to remove the dowel with less effort. The main thing is to screw the working part tight was planted in the hole.
Homemade wooden dowel remove from the nest in pieces. You can even crush it along the grain of the wood into several pieces using a chisel with a thin blade and a hammer. Destroyed so plug pry out with the tip of a sharp knife, nail or awl, and then gently pull out.
If the dowel sits securely in the wall, it is not always necessary to pull it out. In such difficult cases, with a sharp knife cut the protruding above the surface of the wall portion of the dowel and the resulting deepening of the enclosure, apply plaster and level.
To remove dowels stuck in it, a chip of a screw, use a heated soldering iron. Soldering iron melt the plastic base of the dowel, and then pry the chip fastening clippers or pliers with thin, sharp lips and pull it from the slot.
Metal dowel in the form of a nail, which usually slaughtered in the concrete using nail gun, pre-treat frequent severe hammer blows. Strikes apply on the exposed part of the products from different angles. In many cases, the dowel could thus undermine, then it is relatively easy to remove with a claw hammer.
If a metal plug is not to undermine, make the wall next to him deepening with the help of a drill with a carbide tip or a metal punch. Made so circular vortex reduce the area of adhesion of the dowel with the material of the wall and facilitate removal. If this trick doesn't help, cut the protruding part of the dowel grinder ("grinder") and zarovnaya deepening.