Dip your finger in cold water, if he began to turn blue, it means that the blood flow has subsided. The limb darkening can be a sign of fracture. If dislocated, on the contrary the blood rushes to the skin and the finger does not change its color under the influence of cold.
Try to bend at the joints. If the finger is stiff or not moving, faster go to the emergency room. The fracture is very dangerous, can cause serious complications without timely medical assistance.
Stir a finger , if you hear the crunch or feel the fragmentation, it is possible that it's still broken. There is no hope that it will heal itself, of course it's possible, but if a fusion will occur unevenly, you will have to break it in the hospital again and the cast for a longer period.
While fractures can rise body temperature. Measure it, but often this occurs already in the stage of accession complications to normal fracture. If not go to the clinic, you can earn gangrene or tuberculosis of the bones.
To diagnose without a picture will not become even an experienced radiologist, so homemade methods of determining fracture, there are only guesses. If the incident happened at the weekend - go to the emergency room, and if on a working day in the clinic. There you literally 20-30 minutes to take the picture and probably will say diagnosis.