You will need
  • - installed the game NFS Underground;
  • keyboard with English layout.
Wait until the download games on the computer. Log in to the mission that pass. The code should be entered when the screen displays the download window that says "Press Enter to continue"/"Press Enter". Special panels are not designed for this, so please be careful what type on the keyboard. Be sure to transfer it into English.
The codes are divided into those which act in a career and those that this opportunity does not possess. In the mentioned mode you can activate the following functions: gottaedge – edge vinyl unlock; gottahavebk – burger king vinyl; needmybestbuy – vinyl bestbuy; gotmycingular – cingular vinyl; gotforoldspice - vinyl old spice. Also valid code regmebaby, which gives 20,000. For more cash early in his career use ordermybaby ($1000).
Exit career mode to be able to play using the other codes. To be able to play all available cars ordermybaby enter. Access to driver's world opens after a set of opendoors.
With the help of the cheat you can unlock upgrades. To open performance enter needperfomance2 (first level) or needperfomance1 (second level). The visual upgrades begin to operate after using codes and gimmevisual1 gimmevisual2.
Carefully follow the shape of the letters. If the code does not work, check whether you have activated CapsLK key and what language is installed on the panel. Do not use spaces, monolithic enter the code word as indicated.