You will need
  • keyboard with Latin layout.
For entering the key in the game Project IGI 2: Covert Strike enter the following value: NADA. Then, enter one of the cheatcodesyou want to use to open access to additional features. Please note that not all codes can work properly, in some cases, crash the program or may simply not occur the necessary changes.
To activate the game Project IGI 2: Covert Strike access mode invulnerability, enter the code ALLGOD. To get access to an endless amount of ammunition in this game, enter the cheat code ALLAMMO. If your chosen level of game was too complicated for you, change it the command EASY.
If you want to open free access to all missions, without the gradual passage of the game, use Ctrl(Left)+Shift(left)+9, after that browse to select a mission. If you see all the items, then you did the right thing.
To disable all enemies and go to the directory where you performed the installation igrowth files. Find it in the Mission folder, which, in turn, there are three additional sub-folders Location. They are directory levels and, again, a folder with the name of Al. To perform the rename of the directory, for example, in Al2. Start the game, then you will see that the enemies in it still, but the tanks and their weapons will still work.
Please note that the gameplay is much more interesting when self-passing, so try as little as possible to use the cheatcodes and in General spend less time.