You will need
  • car
  • - radio
  • instruction to the radio
  • code for decoding
  • three slotted screwdrivers (approx. 1 mm)
  • - pliers
In the first case, turn on the radio, she lit up. The display should indicate SAFEII. Express player is switched on for 40 – 60 minutes, do not touch any buttons. After this time appears SAFE. Enter the correct code.
After disconnecting the battery in Volkswagen regular radio can unlock itself. When enabled it prompts for a pin, but does not allow him to enter. Wait from 30 to 120 minutes. After this time the radio will be automatically cleared block.
If not, start the vehicle. The display will show the first inscription SAFE, then LEARN. The system will signal you on the willingness to work.
When you need to enter a code to unlock the radio, read the instructions to her. You need to know the key code requested by the system. It is marked on the detachable card on the first page of the user. Enter the code using buttons 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 by pressing several times on each to get the necessary numbers. Convinced of the correctness, hold for 2-3 seconds the button with the arrows to the right.
To unlock the radio without knowing code, you need to remove it from the slot to check the serial number of the device.Remove the plugs on the sides of the radio, torpedoes. Remove the socket handle the “sound” and “volume”. This can be done by using pliers or hands. With a screwdriver Unscrew the socket. Press to radio antennae-spring (by bending them and inserting into a narrow space screwdriver for fixing), which are in the left and right bottom corners. Much pull the whole design itself. Radio will come out.
Write down the numbers listed on the label: serial and VIN. Download and install the computer program for the selection of the code to the radio. Enter the stored number, wait until the program finishes.