You will need
  • - radio,
  • - serial number of radio,
  • - computer,
  • program
  • metal pins,
  • - The VIN number of the unit,
  • - documents on the car,
  • phone.
If the radio in the car home, the can contact the official dealer center. You will need to provide the documents for the car. Have the opportunity to learn code over the phone. Then you will update your data and ask you to call the VIN number, the radio.
Otherwise remove the radio from the slot. This can be done with four metal items, pressing them around the perimeter of the system.
Carefully inspect the apparatus. Sometimes code write it down and attach it to the chassis of the recorder, not to forget. Maybe you have done the same.
If code is not written on the case, find the sticker that lists the serial number of the radio. It consists of numerous combinations of figures and letters of the Latin alphabet. Write it down.
Download and install on your computer one of the programs to generate codeand car radios. Start it. Enter in a special window the serial number of the device. Wait until the program displays the code on the screen.
Install the radio in the car, turn it on. Very carefully enter the program code to unlock. Depending on the type of radio you have from 3 to 10 attempts. Check is written into codes. If they match, confirm. Radio will start to work.
Note the resulting code in a safe place. Security reasons is not recommended to specify the code on the chassis of the recorder.