Advice 1: How to disable the megaphone to replace the horn

The service "Replace hooter" allows subscribers of the "MegaFon" to install instead of the standard ring favorite tunes. Plenty enough of this service, many would like to disable it and return to the normal ringing. How to do it – not familiar to everyone.
How to disable the megaphone to replace the horn
For the use of the service "Replace hooter" from the subscriber "the Megaphone" will be charged a daily subscription fee in the amount of 2 R. Little who keeps the default ringtone and shell out $ 30 to 90 p. for each new tune. Sooner or later this service can be a real "money vacuum cleaner". If you have previously activated the service "Replace hooter", and have already managed to enjoy all its charms, to disable it you only need to call the number 0770 and follow the prompts of the auto informant to deactivate the service. Also you can take advantage of automated self-service system "Service-Guide". Call 0550, then type 4 – 4 – 2 – 1 and the service "Replace hooter" will be disabled".
Some subscribers of the service "Replace hooter" connects without their knowledge, along with the service "Kaleidoscope" at the time of activation of the SIM card. To disable "Change your dial tone", you need also disable the service "Kaleidoscope". Go to your phone menu and go to MegaFonPRO. Select "Kaleidoscope", go to "Settings" and set the value to "Off" for "Broadcasting".
There is another option of disconnecting the service, which can be convenient for those who used the web site and services at You need to login with your username and password, go to manage the service and send the request off.
Turn on the service "Replace hooter"! Install instead of the standard ring favorite tunes or a new super-hits, cute jokes or funny jokes, and your friends will call you more often! Make your communication diverse, creative – and then, answering an incoming call, you will always only hear happy voices and laughter!

Advice 2 : As for MegaFon, to remove the "Beep"

Currently, it has become a popular service that gives you the opportunity to replace the usual beeps in idle mode, answering any melody or phrase. OJSC "MegaFon" - is no exception. The operator provides the service "Replace hooter". You can at any time, not only to connect but also to disconnect.
As for MegaFon, to remove the "Beep"
The service "Replace hooter" has a variety of opportunities. For example, by activating the option "Music channel", you can create your own list of the most popular tunes. If you want to give it up, call the short number 0770, being on the network of OJSC "MegaFon". After connecting with the contact center, press 2, then 2 again. Then proceed according to the instructions of the autoinformer.
If you for any reason are unable to contact the operator, dial from your phone USSD-command *770*12#, then press "Call". On your mobile phone will receive a message from the operator, which will contain information about the result of the action.
You can also use our web portal to do this, type the address Enter the ten digit phone number and password that you registered previously in the system. In the menu of personal Cabinet, click on "Change the tone" or "Solo horn" (it all depends on what you connected). If you want to permanently disable a service, click on the option "deactivate". Also, you can suspend this option, clicking the Pause function.
Disable the service "Replace hooter"by contacting the office of the cellular operator "MegaFon". Addresses of you can read a short number 0500 or online at If you currently have an identity document? and phone or account number.
Disabling services is free of charge. If you stopped "Change the tone", the monthly fee will still be deducted from your balance (2 rubles with VAT on a daily basis). For the cost of ringtones is also worth paying, the size depends on the selected song (from 1 to 5 rubles, including VAT daily).
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