For the use of the service "Replace hooter" from the subscriber "the Megaphone" will be charged a daily subscription fee in the amount of 2 R. Little who keeps the default ringtone and shell out $ 30 to 90 p. for each new tune. Sooner or later this service can be a real "money vacuum cleaner". If you have previously activated the service "Replace hooter", and have already managed to enjoy all its charms, to disable it you only need to call the number 0770 and follow the prompts of the auto informant to deactivate the service. Also you can take advantage of automated self-service system "Service-Guide". Call 0550, then type 4 – 4 – 2 – 1 and the service "Replace hooter" will be disabled".
Some subscribers of the service "Replace hooter" connects without their knowledge, along with the service "Kaleidoscope" at the time of activation of the SIM card. To disable "Change your dial tone", you need also disable the service "Kaleidoscope". Go to your phone menu and go to MegaFonPRO. Select "Kaleidoscope", go to "Settings" and set the value to "Off" for "Broadcasting".
There is another option of disconnecting the service, which can be convenient for those who used the web site and services at You need to login with your username and password, go to manage the service and send the request off.