You will need
  • Broadband TV
  • Mobile phone
Choose the type of connected melodies. Conventional melody or a joke once connected, you pay for it a fixed amount, which can vary in the range from 0 to 90 p., including VAT. This melody will remain in your library until, until you remove it yourself, pay for it in the future will not have. Music box – another type of beeps, which are connected also with the help of the single payment, as simple melodies. The cost of the music box – from 30 to 180 R. with VAT. There is another type of connected tunes is a music channel. For it removed the monthly fee, the cost of which can range from 1 to 5 p. per day, depending on what music channel you have selected.
To activate the service in several ways. You can call from your cell phone to the number 0770. This call is free for all subscribers of MegaFon. Then you will hear the voice menu, which you can navigate by pressing the right digits. Follow the instructions and select the desired ringtone by selecting it in the process.
Another way to activate – send SMS on number 0770. In the message it is desirable to specify the number of melodies or jokes that you have chosen to call. Then the order is made automatically with no other effort on your part is required. Melody set as the tone for any incoming calls.
Set the tone via the Internet. To do this, click on the link and register in the system. After that you will get the opportunity to not only set the tone, but also configure other options of the fare and service at MegaFon.