Clients of MTS can activate the service to replace hooters, which is called "GOOD'ok". To order it from the operator, call one of these numbers: 0550 or 9505. But note that they are reserved exclusively for calls from your mobile phone. In addition, you can send Ussd-request *111*28#.
If you prefer to connect with a computer, use the self-service system operator. You can easily find it on the official website of the company "MTS". A system called "Internet Assistant" is marked with a red icon, but because it is hard to miss. By the way, it can not only activate the services, at any time the user can disable. To do this, simply go to the appropriate section in the "Internet Assistant". The deactivation can be performed by sending Ussd command *111*29#.
In the "Beeline" subscribers can order the service "Hello", it also lets you replace the ringing melody. To connect the call to the short number 0770. To disable the service, dial on the phone keypad room 0674090770. After connecting you will be answered by the answering machine or the operator, instructions which you must follow.
Customers of the operator "MegaFon" is not available one service to connect to the music, and several. One of them is called "Music box". It gives you the option of choosing any song from a large list of songs and ringtones database which is regularly updated.
"Music channel" is another service from the "Megaphone" through which subscribers can remove the annoying beeps and instead install music composition. Activate it by dialing 0770. After the answer, press 5. Don't forget that connect services is possible through Personal study and Service Guide.