Among these operators includes the "Beeline". He offers a service called "Hello" (it allows you to change the beep to a ringtone or a famous hit song of his own composition). To activate this service please call for freemu number 0770 and follow the instructions of the operator or the IVR. If you want to disable the service "Hello", start typing a phone number 0674090770. Subscription fee for daily use is 2 rubles (for prepaid subscribers) and 60 rubles per month (postpaid system).
Operator MegaFon to its customers several services to change the tone on the melody. One such service is the "Music channel", with its help you can pick up a tune from a large list of constantly updated songs. Another service that allows you to get rid of beeps, called "Music channel". For its connection, you must call the toll free number 0770, and after the response of the operator or answering machine to press "5". Activation and deactivation of services of a "Personal account" and in the self-service system "Service-Guide". To learn more about all the services and their cost on the official website of "MegaFon".
Offers its subscribers a similar service, and the operator "MTS", it is called "GOOD'ok". To activate using the rooms 0550 and 9505 (they are intended for calls) or USSD command *111*28#. If you send a request you have any problems, use the self-service "Internet Assistant". This system can be found on the main page of the official website of the operator (just click on a tab, it is highlighted in bright red, so it's hard to miss). To disable the "Beep" operator "MTS" provides the USSD command *111*29#, and "Internet Assistant". Activation is not free, for it your account will be charged 50 rubles 30 kopecks, and disconnect - free.