Often the deposition of fat in the knees contributes to the lack of mobility and lack of any physical activity. Poor circulation reduces the body's ability to process and properly distribute fat, hence flabby muscles and ugly deposits. So - walking or Jogging in the fresh air, Cycling or training on the simulator every week about 2-3 times. Ordinary Hiking are slower, but no less effective, and affect the entire figure and legs in General, making them form a harmonious and taut. Walking is also great affect the burning of calories and strengthening joints. So walk a walk of about 30-40 minutes every day, it is, moreover, to be in good spirits.
Practice yoga - it provides stretching of the muscles, the saturation of the tissues with all the necessary nutrients and the muscle. Every morning start with 5 minute stretching: just try to tilt your head as low as possible to the feet. Do this exercise as slowly as possible, trying to focus on feeling a pleasant warmth in the muscles and releasing the pain relaxation. This exercise will not give instant visible results, but will start muscles and joints processes to transform and develop them well.
You can also try the following exercise: sit in a chair with your back straight, tighten your leg in the foot, as if reaching angle with the lower leg at 90 degrees. Now try to lift the leg a few times, tensing only the muscles of the knee. Try to use the upper muscles, not the lower ligament of the knee and hip! This requires some skill and concentration, but you soon get the hand and be great to feel your body. At the initial stage you should do this exercise first one and then the other leg, but after some time, focusing on the necessary muscles, you can perform it with both legs at once. One approach try to do 40 to 50 strokes.
Very useful during daily showering to massage your knees hard sponge and RUB in their moisturizer, improves circulation and improves elasticity! It also helps to reduce subcutaneous deposits.