Advice 1: How to remove knees

What is needed in order to reduce the massive and rather plump knees? After all, with a slightly sharp and beautiful knees and legs look extremely attractive and sexy. Sometimes it happens so that even with a rather slender legs knees do not differ elegance, and to deliberately reduce this part of the body, you'll have to be creative! So how can you reduce knees?
How to remove knees
Often the deposition of fat in the knees contributes to the lack of mobility and lack of any physical activity. Poor circulation reduces the body's ability to process and properly distribute fat, hence flabby muscles and ugly deposits. So - walking or Jogging in the fresh air, Cycling or training on the simulator every week about 2-3 times. Ordinary Hiking are slower, but no less effective, and affect the entire figure and legs in General, making them form a harmonious and taut. Walking is also great affect the burning of calories and strengthening joints. So walk a walk of about 30-40 minutes every day, it is, moreover, to be in good spirits.
Practice yoga - it provides stretching of the muscles, the saturation of the tissues with all the necessary nutrients and the muscle. Every morning start with 5 minute stretching: just try to tilt your head as low as possible to the feet. Do this exercise as slowly as possible, trying to focus on feeling a pleasant warmth in the muscles and releasing the pain relaxation. This exercise will not give instant visible results, but will start muscles and joints processes to transform and develop them well.
You can also try the following exercise: sit in a chair with your back straight, tighten your leg in the foot, as if reaching angle with the lower leg at 90 degrees. Now try to lift the leg a few times, tensing only the muscles of the knee. Try to use the upper muscles, not the lower ligament of the knee and hip! This requires some skill and concentration, but you soon get the hand and be great to feel your body. At the initial stage you should do this exercise first one and then the other leg, but after some time, focusing on the necessary muscles, you can perform it with both legs at once. One approach try to do 40 to 50 strokes.
Very useful during daily showering to massage your knees hard sponge and RUB in their moisturizer, improves circulation and improves elasticity! It also helps to reduce subcutaneous deposits.

Advice 2: How to remove fat from legs

Slender and beautiful legs will attract the attention of most men. To achieve perfection in the figure easily. You must perform a special set of exercises and the advice of experts.
How to remove fat from legs

Useful tips

Many women believe that performing a certain set of exercises, you can quickly and effectively remove fat from legs. However, to really achieve a good result, this problem must be approached comprehensively. A proper balanced diet and regular exercise will achieve the desired result in a short time.

More and more nutritionists recommend to their patients not to adhere to any particular diet, as any well-planned diet for a certain period is temporary. Should just reconsider your menu and eliminate the most nutritious and harmful foods and dishes. Often the culprits of excess weight serve starchy and sweet foods, butter, mayonnaise, etc. of Course, they should be excluded from the diet.

A set of exercises

Squat near the wall are very effective and perfectly help to remove excess fat from your legs. For this exercise you should stand straight. Back's against the wall. Squats are slow so that his knees were not on socks.

Reaching parallel with the floor (90 degree angle), you need to gradually return to its original position. To increase the load, you can use a dumbbell. The exercise is repeated 15-18 times for 2-3 sets.

Not less useful exercise for the legs are lunges. Make a big step forward with the right foot while squatting. Note: when performing exercises should be to monitor closely the balance. Gradually return to starting position. Repeat the lunge with the left foot. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times for 2-3 sets. Lunges can also be performed in the side.

For the following exercises stand on all fours. Elbows rest on the floor. Slightly bending the right leg at the knee, lift it up and sideways, alternating. Repeat the exercise on the left leg. Such movements help to tighten abdominal muscles and remove excess fat from thighs. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times on each leg.

Sit on a flat surface and try to move forward through the gluteal muscles. This exercise helps to remove excess fat from your legs and to get rid of cellulite on thighs.

Quickly deal with the problem of excess fat on the legs will help steps to recovery. In this case, perfectly suited to any low bench or step. Step on her foot, moving her body weight. Gently return to starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. Don't forget to keep the balance. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times for 2-3 sets.

Advice 3: How to remove fat under the arms: exercises

Even skinny girls armpits can grow into unattractive fat rolls. And sometimes it's very difficult to give the area texture. Not to deny myself the pleasure of wearing in summer, open tops and sexy shirts, start to perform simple exercises now.
How to remove fat under the arms: exercises
Nutritionists and fitness trainers believe that pleats framing the armpit, is not overweight, but just not enough developed chest muscles and biceps. A similar problem occurs most of the time spend at computer and not watching posture. As a consequence disturbed blood flow to the tissues and formed ugly cushions under the arms. So to remove fat from the underarms will only special exercises, not diet.

How to deal with the problem every day

Armpits to look toned, you must daily perform a few simple exercises. For example, when long sitting at a Desk, make time to warm-up. Stand up, stretch, perform the rotation of the shoulders and arms. If space allows, do some push-UPS, at least from the chair or from the sofa. In addition, during the working day follow the posture, try to lean back in his chair, and to use more of the muscle corset back.

The ideal is to enroll in swimming or shaping, which you can visit after work. If this is not possible, to remove fat from the underarms will help complex basic exercises that are easy to do at home.

The most effective exercises

The first exercise is performed with a small ball or sofa cushion. Become directly, feet on width of shoulders, hold the ball outstretched hands. Rhythmically squeeze your palms elastic surface for a minute, feeling how tense the biceps and pectoral muscles. Then repeat with arms raised above the head with hands, then with bent elbows in front of chest.

No less effective is the stretching of the towel. Take a piece of elastic fabric with both hands at a distance of 0.5 m and slowly stretch it to the side. Make sure that the shoulders remained motionless. At the end point clamp tense hands for 1 minute, then relax for 10 seconds. Then perform the exercise by lifting straight arms above the head. Repeat at least 5 times.

The following exercise is from yoga. "Dolphin pose" – so it is called great not only strengthens armpits, and biceps, oblique muscles of the press and the corset. Get in plank position parallel to the floor – lean on elbows, divorced at shoulder width, hands interlock in the lock, legs together, feet abut on tiptoes. On the exhale, slowly lift the pelvis, completely straightening your knees. Hold up on one inhale and exhale, and then again descend in the position of the bar. Keep your heel constantly on the same level. It is better to stretch the feet into the wall or sofa.

Once you start to deal with folds in the armpits, you will understand that the results are visible from the first class. Most importantly, do not drop your workouts and follow the position.

Advice 4: How to remove fat from the abdomen

Nothing spoils a figure like flabby lower abs. You can be slim and even skinny, but fat in the lower abdomen will not allow you to wear tight dresses and jeans with low waist, so beloved of modern girls. To gain a flat stomach, you need a comprehensive approach.
How to remove fat from the abdomen
To download lower abs healthy. But pulling muscle, not fat burn. So please be patient and be prepared to change your lifestyle and diet.

Diet for flat tummy

Remove fat in the abdomen is possible by adjusting the menu. Start the day with a bowl of oatmeal without sugar, adding another vegetable salad and a couple of spoons of bran. At work snack on fruit, nuts or candied fruit. But don't get carried away, it's high-calorie foods.

At lunch, eat baked fish or meat. Would be great to have green salad or leafy vegetables. Include in your diet asparagus, celery, carrots, raw beets and cereals.

In an effort to gain a flat stomach, give up cigarettes, alcohol, including beer, and sweet drinks.

Massage to help

Many people mistakenly think that build lower abs, you can lose fat in the abdomen. Muscles are located under fat, influence which the outside. Every night do a ten-minute massage.

Apply to stomach any vegetable oil – almond, peach, jojoba. Capturing a small portion of fingers of both hands, gently knead the fat from bottom up. Please note - you need not to pinch the skin and fat layer and muscles.

Try to keep on the body does not remain bruises. Such barbarity harmful to blood vessels and does not affect the breakdown of fat. Also, include in daily routines for a flat stomach coffee scrubs and warming wraps.

A set of exercises

Effectively removes belly fat exercise called the "horizontal shear". Lie on the floor, hands palms down, place under buttocks, lower back tightly to the floor. Tear off feet from the surface and up to a height of 10 cm Make quick swings, alternately crossing his legs.

The second version of the shear – vertical. Remain in their original positions. Leave one foot on the floor, and the second, perfectly straight, stretched herself on toe lift perpendicular to the floor. Then simultaneously lower the first leg to the floor, and the second lift up. Gradually increase the pace. Perform each exercise for at least minutes.

Sit on the edge of the sofa. Put your hands on the waist, if lower abs are very weak, you can lean hands on the seat. Tear off feet from a floor and keep them parallel to the surface. Start painting the tips of toes digits. For the first time, draw at least to the number "10".

Lean on the palm and fingers stop, taking the emphasis lying. Alternately, quickly pull your knees to your chest. Also, in order to quickly remove fat from the abdomen, you can perform various side crunches, swimming and twirling hula-hoops.

Advice 5: As a week to remove the fat from the thighs

The upper thigh is the most "capricious". It then tries to gather excess fat, make legs looks like chicken leg. You can try to remove fat from thighs in a week, using an integrated approach.
As a week to remove the fat from the thighs
Slim hips require restrictions of some products, the use of certain physical activity and additional cosmetic procedures. Only if you hit on all fronts, it is possible to remove fat from thighs in a week.

Rule one: modify the diet

Diet for slim thighs requires not so much restrictions, as changing the style of food. Completely banned fast food, processed foods, foods containing preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors. Let the calories there are not so many, but these chemicals disturb the metabolism which leads to cellulite.

Those who want to remove fat from the hips, stand for a long time to forget about potatoes in any form, white bread, pasta, even from durum wheat. It is permissible to only eat foods that are high in fiber – whole grain breads or cereal additives.

Also diet for slim thighs involves the use of large amounts of fresh vegetables. It raw vegetables, not stew stews, or salads. Simply put, remove fat from lyashek will help the raw food diet.

But what about proteins? Without them nowhere. But it is better to give up meat in favor of lean fish, poultry and dairy products. Such a diet and exercises for thighs will help gradually get in shape.

The second rule: more traffic

Remove fat from the thighs will help the common Mahi. You just have to get on all fours, leaning on your forearms and knees, take one leg back straight, lower back not to bend. Then, straining the muscles back of the thigh, swinging the leg as high as possible. Then repeat the movement, but sideways.

Also very effective gentle exercise for the hips. You need to lie on the floor, pressing the lower back to the floor, and hands placed under the head or positioned perpendicular to the torso. The feet on the ankles pinch a small ball, with a diameter of 30-50 cm Now, alternately touch the floor from the left, then to the right without lifting the lower back from the surface.

Furthermore, you can just walk on the buttocks back and forth. Back to keep straight, knees do not bend and didn't help himself with his hands. During the exercise it is necessary to strain the thighs, but not calves.

For thighs squats is very useful. For best effect they should perform with weights – dumbbells or a barbell. Also very effective to squat near the wall. You need to stand so that the back of the head, shoulders and lower back was glued to a vertical surface.

Rule three: softening fat on the outside

In the struggle for slim hips very well help wraps. These procedures improve the appearance of the skin, and remove toxins.

The easiest way to use honey. In the melted product (2 dessert spoons) you need to add 5 drops of any essential oil. Evenly distribute the mixture on the skin lyashek, wrap in cling film and lie under a blanket for a few hours.

Honey, you can replace the coffee grounds, blue clay, algae or mustard. Those who choose the last ingredient, you need to listen to their feelings during the session. If it will burn much, it is necessary to interrupt the procedure and rinse with the mixture.

Of course, to fully remove fat from thighs in a week is impossible. During this time, you can see the first results, which will serve as further motivation. In total, it will take at least two months to achieve the toned and slender thighs. The main thing - not to recede from the planned plan.
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