To start, shake your pants and let them otvisetsya. Clean them from dust, fur, hair and other contaminants that can be removed with a brush. Osteria spots.
Then look not materialise if the knees if the knees of trousers appeared bubbles, start Ironing the pants with them. Wet the cloth, apply it on blisters on the knees, then gently apply to fabric with a hot iron. Picking up the iron, check the condition of the material under the cloth is – apply it for as long as bubbles are not smoothed.
Once you will order the lap of the pants, fold them neatly in half, aligning the outer and stepper seams. Cover the pants with a wet cloth and, with the force pushing on the iron, iron them through the fabric. This trick allows ironed dark trouserswithout creating fabric Shine from hot iron.
If dark trousers hot iron can result in shiny spots, light trousers easy to yellowish fragments on the fabric and unpleasant burns. To avoid this, light pants also ironed through the dense, damp cloth. If the black pants you've already discovered Shine, dampen the cloth with a mixture of a glass of water and a tablespoon of vinegar, and then iron through this fabric shiny.
In order to form the trousers were neat and elegant, carefully iron the front crease, which is also called arrow. After Ironing raise your pants and let's see how well you hold hands.
If they lose their shape, turn the pants to the wrong side and brush the folds with a mixture of water and starch. On the front side again iron hands through the fabric, waiting until the starch dries. Below the fold is held even better, the fabric through which you their iron, soak in a solution of simple children's soap.
To ironed trousers retained the form and accuracy, hang them on a special hanger for trousers over the bottom edge of the legs, aligning all seams.