You will need
  • - exercise ball, medium size.;
  • - a pair of running shoes;
  • - sustainable support.
As a warm-up, perform a simple exercise. Stand straight, slightly bend your knees and grasp hands behind the kneecap, rotate at the same time reduced the knees, first clockwise, then – against. Do not dilute the knees during the movement. Don't push your hands on your knees. Perform 10 rotations in one and in the other direction. Then spread your feet shoulder-width apart, and keep rotating the knees, keeping the hands behind the kneecap. Try to keep the knees moving in parallel.
Stand with your back to the wall. Between the lower back and the wall install the fitball medium size. The feet slightly wider than shoulders and slightly move the foot from the wall. You should like to lean to the ball. Hands free lower. Slowly inhale lower your body until the angle at the knees will not become straight. Hold this position for five seconds and exhale, slowly return to starting position, knees fully straight. Careful to the extreme lower point of the knees was not made by an imaginary line passing through the heel. Keep your heel from the floor. Hold the balance, straining all the muscles of the body. Perform two sets of 15-20 squats.
Add to your training program Jogging on rough terrain. The objective of this Jogging endurance and speed, and strengthening the knee joint. So run at a slow pace, try to choose to run the area with uneven terrain: hills, pits, and other irregularities, different coatings, for example, alternating asphalt and soil. Choose Jogging shoes with maximum cushioning.
Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel to each other. Squat at a slow pace and shallow. The angle in the knee joint should not be less than direct. Make sure that the knees are not folded inward and were strictly on the feet. Keep your back straight. Do the drill without weights. To strengthen the ligaments surrounding the knee joint, enough of your own weight.
Take the same starting position as previous exercise, but the feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Also, keeping your back straight, squat in a very slow pace. Sinking down, brings his knees in so that they touched each other, then return to starting position. Perform 10-15 sit-UPS and repeat this same exercise with the cultivation of knees to the side. One approach consists of 10-15 squats with the knees and 10-15 - breeding. Perform three sets with a minute break between them. Dilution or mixing of the knee of the foot should remain parallel to each other. Keep your back vertically. To help yourself maintain balance, extend your hands forward.
Stand up straight, hand grasp any prop, for example, the back of the chair. Right leg raise and bend the knee at an angle of 90 degrees. Do tibia rotational motion clockwise, and then counterclockwise. Hold the thigh of the working leg stationary, it is possible to help yourself with your free hand. Then change the leg.