You will need
  • - documentation on the mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet.
Carefully inspect the hull of your mobile phone, it is possible that it will indicate the model, for example, in Nokia it is usually written in the right-hand or left-hand corner. Also, the model you can see from the attached telephone documents, instructions, user, commodity or cash voucher, the information on the packing box, on the sticker under the battery, and so on.
Open the official website of the manufacturer of your mobile device, which contains a description of each model. Review the characteristics of each of them and find the right model for your parameters. You can also find the related devices on various resources on the Internet stores selling the phones.
In standby mode the phone enter a special combination to learn more information. Dial *#0000#, then the screen should display information about the IMEI, firmware and model of your mobile device. The combination may not work on some mobile devices.
Find out the IMEI of your mobile phone with the combination *#06# or from the sticker on the warranty card or packaging. The ID is written under the battery of the mobile device. Enter this number in the appropriate form at the following site:
Press Enter and in the displayed results of the inspection to find out the model of your mobile phone. Please note that when you enter the ID must comply with the rules of the following form.
If it is impossible to determine the model of the mobile device of the above ways please contact the seller. This may mean that you purchased a fake mobile device, which may be prohibited by many countries. In this case, replace the phone.