You will need
  • - documentation on the phone.
To know IMEI number of any phone, regardless of model and manufacturer, you can use the combination *#06#. IMEI is the identifier that is assigned to each phone. When you insert a SIM card in your phone SMS with this ID is sent to the operator, so you can always calculate the location of the subscriber, however, this information about users is not available unless special reasons. Violation of confidentiality is possible, for example, in case you lose your mobile phone or it is stolen.
If you lost your phone (or stole it), please contact local police, complete the required documents and confirm ownership of the mobile device, presenting appropriate documents confirming your purchase. For this reason, the sellers glue the sticker on the phone box and garantinis – that at any moment you could take your camera legally in the event of loss. Wait until your phone is not inserted SIM card, after which the operator will inform the necessary information about the location of your mobile device.
Also, in some cases the loss of the phone try to appeal directly to the operator, presenting him the documents of a lost phone, then possibly you will get information about committed with your phone's recent calls. Please note that the search will need to give the exact IMEI of your device, because the search is done on this ID. In most cases operators do not provide such information without the intervention of law enforcement, but there are exceptions. This is useful if you don't want to go to the police and open a case of theft of the mobile device.