You will need
  • - secondary education;
  • - financial capabilities.
Ways to learn to be a stylist there are several, it all depends on how much you are willing to invest in training time and money. Budget, but a long way to the profession of a stylist start at the College or Academy of hairdressing.
Learning the profession of stylist-master hair and makeup will take a few years. First you will be taught theory at the undergraduate will go to practice. Upon graduation you will receive a diploma or certificate.
Choose a school with the Department of fashion design, Academy or school for fashion to learn to be a stylist for the clothes. You should study for 2-3 years, and in high school all 5 years.
Courses – another way to learn to be a stylist. Academy and schools offer short or long-term courses stylists, hair and clothing. Select the best option for you depending on the possibilities.
In large cities there are professional schools for parents imiganation. For a fee, will teach you the basics of the profession, will hold a series of workshops. After school stylists you will be able to find their own way, will learn how to correctly pick up clothes and to correctly apply makeup. In school you will be able to improve their skills if already working as a stylist.
Thanks to the Internet to learn to be a stylist ? from the comfort of home. Find online distance learning courses stylists and sign up for webinars. Video tutorials will help you master the profession of a stylist at a convenient time for you.
If you wish to become truly professional stylist, embark on education and training in Europe. The Milan or Paris fashion Academy offer quality training for everyone. Training and internships for about a year. Get ready to significant financial costs, which will pay off while working in a prestigious company in which you're free to take with the obtained diploma.