You will need
  • - access to a computer with administrator rights.
Recover deleted log records visits to web pages by the utility to reset the operating system. To do this, click on the programs list in "start menu" Windows standard tools, select system Restore".
Please note that this is a rather inconvenient way, since the points of rollback of system are not created every day. In addition, the restoration will cancel all changes that you make over a certain period of time. This will not affect the appeared files, but may affect your programs. Read the information about using restore and, if you accept the terms, click continue. Close all programs, saving the changes. Perform a system restore on the last date of existence you deleted the browsing history of the browser and restart the computer.
Because journal records visits to the pages are also in a certain file, use view and restore deleted items. This is done using the program Handy Recovery or its analogues, which you can find on the Internet. Because Handy Recovery has a trial period, you can not register the program first. Install it on your PC and start scanning local disk.
Scanned program disk search deleted system files. In the directories on the left. Find the required items, find the log file with the preview content, the window of which is located to the right. Select it from the list and click "Restore" in the top menu.
Go to the directory location of the history of visits to web pages in your browser, which is typically located in Program Files, move the file to it from the folder Recovered Files on the hard disk and run the browser that when the recovery needs to be closed.