You will need
  • The administrator account of the computer.
Restore the write about your visit to the web pages by using the repair utility of the Windows operating system. This is true in cases where the point of no return was established relatively recently.
Even if you don't add a restore point manually, examine the system calendar, it is possible that it appeared independently at installing, configuring, or upgrading the software in your personal computer, and also when performing other tasks that have a particular value in the operating system.
Find utility restore the previous state of the computer through the start menu, select it in the list of installed programs and navigate to the standard. Run the "Restore operating system", after referring to the conditions of this operation.
Shut down programs, saving them on the hard disk of the computer. Wait for the system restore and restarting the computer, and then find out does the browser log of visits to your browsing web pages.
Restore the log you viewed the web pages with the help of special programs such as Handy Recovery and its analogues. Please note that the browsing history of web pages is also a file, but because it, like every other element of the system can be restored.
Run a scan of your hard drive, and then click search deleted items. Filter your search results, then in the folder tree to locate your journal, in this case use the preview function. This option is quite complicated and can take a very long time, so it is good only for extreme cases.