Internet Exploer keeps a history of visits in the folder "Temporary Internet files". Start the web browser. If you are using IE8, the main menu, choose "View" then "Explorer Bar" and "Magazine". In the right part of the window select the time period that interests you.
To view the history of surfing in IE7, the main menu, choose "Tools" and "Internet options". In the "General" tab under "browsing History" click "Settings". In the window "temporary files Settings" select "Show files".
To view history, you can use MS Word since version 2000 and above. Go to menu "Insert" and select the option "Hyperlink". Select "Browsed pages". In the preview window will display links to visited web sites.
If the browser settings is enabled to "Remove log observers on exit" to see the history you will not succeed. You can try to find indirect traces left by the web pages on your hard drive.
IE has a built-in option "Log application compatibility" to identify conflicts web-sites with this browser. Data about failures and their causes are recorded. To view it, go to "control Panel" and expand the "administrative tools". Activate the window "event Viewer". In the console tree, select Internet Explorer. In the menu "View" select the command "Find" and mark all types of events. To continue, click "Find next". If the log is recording, pay attention to the section "Source."
If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to history and click "Show all history". Double-click on the icon with the time interval that interests you.
Like all browsers, Safari saves to the hard disk contents of the visited pages for faster loading when you re - visit. The folder content is called a cache. To view the cache, type in the address bar about:cache. In section Disk cache device click List Cache Entries link.
To view your browsing history in Opera, click the Opera button and choose the option "History". Open double click the folder with the date that you want to see. To view the cache of the browser in the address bar write opera:cache.
If you certainly need to know how in your absence use the computer, install the program-the spy which will indicate what actions it performed. Such programs monitor the keystrokes, opened Windows and the data that were entered in the clipboard. If necessary, the program can capture screen shots of the screen at specified intervals of time.