You will need
  • - a personal computer with Internet access.
Even for the Internet you use browser Mozilla Firefox. This web browser has a special log, which records the visited resources. It can be viewed by clicking "Show all history". Using search, you can quite quickly find the desired website to a numerous number of names placed resources. If after viewing the history of search you choose to clear the log of stored in this record, simultaneously press the Ctrl key and the A button (English key): this procedure allows you to select all the history items. Then in the menu "Control" select the "Delete" icon: journal of the visit will be cleared in just a few seconds.
If you are using Internet Explorer, the browsing history, the search will not take you much time. The fact that this web browser also has a special journal in which are recorded all your visits to various web resources. To access it, press Ctrl, Shift and H (English key). In this log all the sites visited in chronological order, that is distributed with the time of the visit. If click the name of the Internet site, then you'll get a list of visited on this resource page. To remove all information from the log by opening the menu "tools" and selecting the option "Delete browsing history".
To view your search history in Google Chrome and Safari click located in the upper right corner of the icon to open the list of options select "History". The second way to access the log simultaneously press CTRL and H (English key).