The way in which a subscriber of "Beeline" will be able to get details of account depends on the payment system. Subscribers of the advance payments system can activate the required services by using the company's official website. In addition, subscribers of this system is the Fax number (495) 974-5996. You can send in your application. By the way, the application can be send by e-mail When using the advance method of calculation the operator will charge for the service the amount of from thirty to sixty rubles.
If you are a subscriber of the credit system calculation, you can activate a detailed account not only when you visit the official website of "Beeline", but also when contacting one of the shops of the company. However, if you decide to go personally, do not forget to take the contract on rendering of communication services and passport. Depending on the connected tariff plan for the service will need to pay 60 rubles.
To subscribers "the Megaphone" order of service "detailed account" available through self-service system "Service-Guide". This system is in the appropriate section of the official website of the operator. Please note that to help with connection you can also and sales of salon of communication or technical support.
The company "MTS" provides customers with detailed bills via sending USSD-request *111*551#. However, it should be noted that the subscriber can get information only about those actions that have been made over the past three days. In addition, at any time available to send SMS-message with code 551 to the short number 1771 (it also allows you to activate the service).