A very unpleasant surprise, but there is still a chance to view and save the contents of the page somewhere safer. For this you can try several options. The first is to try to extract a copy of the page stored by search engines Google. To do this, go to the website of the search engine, remember and type any part of the text, the phrase (possibly literally), which was present on the page. Clicking the search button, you will receive a list of results. It is likely that the remote recently, the page is still present on Google. But if you click a normal link will just sent to the search engine on the address of the page and get the same message "Error 404". You need to force the search engine to retrieve a copy of a page from the Google cache - it is necessary to click the link that says "cached" and then you will be presented with the page in the form in which it existed at the time of last indexing robots of search engine. If you don't remember the lyrics page, then try to enter her address or even part of the address with the prefix "inurl:" (without the quotes) - this is especially effective to search for deleted pages blogs.
If this option is not lucky, then you can try other similar - about the same caching system is the search engine Yandex. Go to this search engine and try there the search procedure described in the first embodiment. Here is a link to the cached page is hidden beneath the laconic inscription "copy".
There is another option in the cache of your own browser also keeps a copy of the remote page. To view it, you need to find the appropriate file, copy it from the cache to another location and open in browser. Storage methods and physical location on the disk of your computer depends on the browser used. Unfortunately, this method has a significant drawback - if you have visited this page after it is uninstalled, the corresponding file in the cache have been replaced by more recent, i.e. the one that shows the message about unfound page.