Help menu the Microsoft Windows operating system for the procedure the history of visiting web pages in Internet Explorer 7 or 8 and go to "All programs."
Locate the app and launch the browser.
Open menu "View" of the top toolbar of the application window and select "Explorer Bar".
Type the command "History" in the drop-down list and select the desired entry in the directory, the left pane of the log. This action causes the display of web resources visited during the selected period of time.
Select the desired URL to display a directory of Internet pages and specify the desired address to navigate to an open tab.
Open the menu "Log" in the upper toolbar of the browser window and specify the desired method of sorting the stored entries:

- by date;
- node;
- in attendance;
- by order visited.
Go back to your "Magazine" and enter the command "log Search" to perform search operations for a given criterion.
Enter the value of the required URL or the title of the web page in the "Find" dialog that appears, find and confirm the command by pressing the "Start search".
Shut down the tool "Journal" by pressing the x in the upper right corner of the application window (Internet Explorer 7 or 8).
Run the application Internet Explorer 9 and expand the service menu by pressing the button with the logo of the asterisk in the top toolbar of the program window.
Select "Journal" and use the above sequence of actions to change the display settings of the logs.
Please note that in Internet Explorer 9 the search can be performed by administering the required address or name of the web resource in the text box, address bar, or use the offline option of the magazine.
Press Alt and open the menu "File" of the top toolbar of your browser window.
Enter the command "Work offline".