You will need
  • Sports Mat, honey, dry mustard, food film, Valerian root, chamomile, shower.
To make a flat stomach by training the abdominal muscles.
Lie on the floor. Legs bent at the knees. Hands clench on his head. Raise your head and shoulders off the floor. Shoulder blades off the floor not to interrupt. To stretch the shoulder to the bent legs with a small amplitude of the swing. Hold in this position for 1 minute. Relax.
Initial position: lying on your back. Pulling one leg up. To stretch the shoulder to the raised leg. After a minute to relax and change her outstretched leg.
Lie on your back, hands along the body. To lift off the floor straight leg. Drawing drawn feet in the air imaginary digits from one to nine. The back of the floor not to interrupt.
To do self-massage.
Lie on your back. Putting your hand on your stomach and in a circular motion to RUB in a clockwise direction.

RUB the belly side of the palms, as if to cut with a hacksaw.

Squeeze his hands into fists and his knuckles to roll and stretch your body fat.
Conduct honey massage and body wraps.
1 teaspoon of honey rubbed between the palms. To put palms on the abdomen and sharply to tear. To do this massage on all problem area. The skin may appear bruised. It is important, you should not be diseases of internal organs.
Mix 2 tbsp. honey 1 tbsp. teaspoon of dry mustard. Spread this mixture in the waist and abdomen, wrapped in cling film. Like 1 hour. To do for 8 – 10 days.
To do a hydro-massage problem areas.
Standing under the shower to send a strong stream of water on your stomach area. Alternate hot water and cold. After the procedure, RUB a wet belly with a towel.
Herbal baths are available for the withdrawal of excess fat from the body.
To grind into powder 30 g rhizome of Valerian. Pour 1 liter of cold water and infuse for 1 hour. Then boil 20 minutes, drain and pour into the tub. Take a bath before bed. The course of treatment 10-12 days.
The flowers of chamomile pour boiling water (100 g per 2 l). To insist 2 hours, strain and pour into the tub. Soak in a warm bath 15 minutes before bedtime for 10-12 days.